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(previously known as HeadTracker prototype)

Electronics & Coding


Melbourne, Australia

The Orimu was borne from my research need to produce a wireless head-tracking orientation sensor. Essentially a wearable, but more importantly, the self-contained nature of the device allows it to be an extremely extensible orientation-sensing device. The device is comprised of an IMU (inertial measurement unit), an Arduino running sensor fusion and customised filtering code, and a XBee wireless transceiver.

The device is powered via a lithium-polymer battery and an integrated USB charging circuitry, providing a completely wireless solution for motion tracking.

This hardware solution outputs a specific serial data stream that compatible software must be written to interface with.

Continued independent work is proceeding in 2015, towards the design of a custom motherboard, miniaturisation of components and the provision of an easier-to-use USB recharging connector.

I assert authorship for the Orimu hardware+software solution, as part of my ongoing research with wearables. © 2014