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Cathartic Machine For Personal Events

Electronics, 3D-printed material


Chance, Luck & Accident
The Substation, Singapore

We all wait for things we want. Or things we really want to be over. A moment that changes everything. An event that will mean something, or everything, that follows will be different to how it was before. Is time passing, or just standing still?

The Cathartic Machine for Personal Events consists of a real-time clock, integrated with custom-written code on a micro-controller, and an LED display.

Powered by a single cable, the calm, rugged and naked appearance of the machine belies its semiotics of urgency, order and violence, stamping its authority of time marching as it ticks off the seconds to zero.

Designed to operate like a regular home appliance, the Cathartic Machine for Personal Events allows the individual to set the date to count down to, and via the buttons, inter-actively allows a countdown mode to be chosen; seconds, days, or weeks.

It also quietly pulls double duty as a date and clock machine.