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Harmony Circle

Singapore Discovery Centre
Experiential Multiplayer Trivia Installation


Art direction, interface design, multi-player programming, motion graphics

The Harmony Circle is an experiential, multiplayer trivia quiz located as one of the interactive installations at the Singapore Discovery Centre, designed as a fun, interactive way for visitors – predominantly Singaporeans – to get to explore and discover new facets and quirks of Singapore culture.

In this project, I was the art director, sole interface and motion graphics designer, as well the programmer behind the entire installation, including multiplayer game logic, dynamic seamless sequencing of random trivia questions in video form, and scoring.

Besides the large projection screen displaying the content as showed in this video, each player station is also equipped with a smaller screen detailing the trivia questions, with simple A / B buttons for the players to respond to.

The video shown here represents the actual projected content of the trivia game in process, played by 8 players from start to end.