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Digital Media Discourse &
Information Visualization


Published online and in the book
Visual Complexity: Mapping Patterns of Information, Manuel Lima, 2011

Interaction Designer, Programmer

Lepton is a set of video collaboration tools developed by the Lepton Group, comprised by Dennis Hlynksy, Chuan Khoo and Daniel Peltz, that provide the means to create and visualize non-linear works in which the interconnections between submissions are visually emphasized.

The visualization and tracking of how ideas are related across and within cultures of media makers is the focus of our initial explorations. Lepton’s interface provides a framework for dialogue through web-based video production, where people can com-municate through 30-second videos and create a new note in response to someone’s video. Using video as a language establishes a means for cross-cultural, multinational dialogue that does not depend on a common spoken or written language.