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All We Wish Is To See The Stars

Artificial Intelligence Sculpture


Pixilerations v.4 – 70 Eddy St, Providece, RI USA
Micromediations – Sol Koffler Gallery, Providence, RI USA

Why do we yearn for anything? Why do we remain entrenched in structures and systems, believing in the eventuality that all will be well, hoping for change, and yet lulled – worshipping comfort and ritual?

Five miniature machines sit on top of their world, pining for the stars (a constellation of co-dependent mechanical lights suspended above their world). The machines are programmed with one objective in mind; they yearn for the stars to light up and provide them with a brief moment of bliss and happiness. But they must sing out their worship to be heard by the heavens, and it is not easy to work together.

Eventually, by calculated chance, all the machines sing in unison and are granted their wish as the stars descend and twinkle upon them, only to have the brief moment of joy extinguished. The cycle restarts, and no machine knows when the stars will come out again.