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DIY 3D Printing

Homebrew & Open-Sourced hardware

2012 - present

I enjoy fixing things, and although my fixing time involves a lot of deconstruction and the occasional destruction, I find great joy in learning how things work.

My personal 3D printer is a Prusa Mendel derivative built from scratch, and is set up to print with either ABS or PLA plastic filament. It started off as a base kit of printed parts ordered online, and I then searched many of Singapore’s hardware stores for the components to complete Version 1.

Over time, the printer has evolved into a customized build as I print more improvements for it and add locally sourced components.

With the free time I have, I’ve been trying to give back to the community by sharing my 3D designs for download, off Thingiverse (my handle: chuank)

Besides sharing my created objects online, my intent with 3D printing is to use it in conjunction in my electronic sculpture practice, as the relatively lower cost, faster prototype/production process, and the relative environmental friendliness of PLA plastic allows for quick design development and a more exact expression of my artistic practice.